Making Sense of Self-Defense booklet

Making Sense of Self-Defense™ booklet is now available.

This thirty page booklet will help you make sense of self-defense.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the 5 D’s of Self-Defense. 3
What Does All the Advice Really Mean? 4
The Experts Do Not Agree on Self-Defense. 6
Advice From Non-Experts is Also Confusing. 8
A Little Knowledge Can Be Dangerous 10
Weapons of Mass Confusion 11
News Snippits Will Confuse You Even More 12
“Sound Bites” of Self-Defense 13
Use the 5 D’s to Create a Framework 14
The 5 D’s of Self-Defense Defined 15
Centerfold Diagram of the 5 D’s 16-17
The 5 D’s Defined - continued 18-19
News Stories That Illustrate the 5 D’s. 20
Learning From Example Scenarios. 21
The Faces of the 5 D’s of Self-Defense. 23
The Five Stages of Physical Assault. 24
Illustration of the 5 Stages From News Stories. 25
How Much Crime Occurs. 26
Who is Victimized. 26
The 5 D’s and the Psychological Side of Self-Defense. 27
What Comes Next? 28